Hedrick Public Library Bylaws

Policies VIII & IX

Collection Development Policies

Revised January 2021


VIII. Policy Statement: Adult Selections Information


    A. The library will select from the mass of available materials, and organize for easy access, those materials which best meet the needs of the community.


    B. The library staff will provide guidance and assistance to patrons to obtain the information they seek through all mediums-print, audio visuals, and computerized.


    C. The library will provide information and/or materials to help patrons:

       1. Equip themselves for efficient activities in useful occupations, and practical affairs, including vocational information, parent and home information, childcare, emotional and physical stability and growth, budgeting and consumer education, and industrial and agricultural information, government, law, entertainment, etc.


       2. Increase awareness and competence for forming sound judgements on issues of public concern, and the informed confidence to express opinions and actions according to the judgements.


       3. Increase understanding and appreciation of literature, the arts, sciences, and the political and natural world.


    D. Materials Selection Policy –as general guidelines for selection of materials, Hedrick Public Library adopts the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights” and the “Freedom to Read Statement.”

       1. Current best sellers of wide variety and interests


       2. Non-fiction and reference materials that best meet the educational, personal, and recreational needs of the public


       3. Selection guides used by the Board and staff include trade and publishing catalogs, reviews in newspapers, and magazines, and requests form the patrons


       4. All sides of controversial issues will be represented when materials of reasonable quality are available


       5. Periodicals are purchased, donated or received as gift subscriptions. Recognizing that funds are limited, the library will try to select magazines which serve the needs of most patrons.


IX. Policy Statement: Young Patrons Selection/ Controversial Material


    A. Material selection for younger patrons


       1. The same general criteria will be exercised in the selection of materials for the Young Adult, the elementary grades levels, and the preschool sections of the library. An attempt will be made to choose materials that supplement the collection at the local public school to meet the academic and research needs of students.


       2. Special consideration is given to the selection and acquisition of popular fiction, as well as educational items for younger readers. Books which are recognized as having accepted literary merit will be purchased and retained, even though they may contain words or phrases which may be controversial.


    B. Controversial Material


       1. Because of the rich diversity of human experience and opinion, it is inevitable that some materials in the library’s collection will be objectionable to some people in the community. The library has a responsibility to serve the community in all its variety. That responsibility includes providing for needs and interests that may offend a few of even a great many people.


       2. In no case does this library take an official stand on any public question of a controversial nature. The function of the library is providing information, not to advocate points of view.


       3. Hedrick Public Library’s Board of Trustees and staff welcome the comments and the constructive criticisms of the public. A patron who wished to object to a specific book or other library material will be requested to complete the form, “Request for Reconsideration of a Book.” This form is available at the librarian’s desk.