Hedrick Public Library Bylaws

Policy X Section A

Gifts, Donations, & Memorials

Revised January 2021


 X. Policy Statement: Gifts, Donations, & Memorials


    A. Gifts and donations are vital to the establishment and growth of the library. The Board of Trustees appreciates and encourages gifts and donations to the library.


       1. Any books or materials presented to the library will be evaluated and accepted using the same criteria as that used in the purchasing policy. The library will accept special collections: however, they will not be kept together as a separate entity but will be integrated into the general collection. The donor of any gift should understand that the library reserves the right to assign the fits to the appropriate section of the library.


       2. The library reserves to right to dispose of any donation if it does not meet the library’s selection criteria. If a donor wished the material that is not added to the collection be returned, a request should be made at the time of the donation.


       3. When a cash gift is received for the purchase of books or other specific materials, the selection will be made by the librarian. In the case of a memorial tribute, the general nature of the chosen material or book will be based upon the interests of the deceased, the wishes of the donor, and the needs of the library.


       4. Memorial tributes will be identified by an inscription and will be indexed in the Memorial File.