Hedrick Public Library Bylaws

Policy X Section B-C


Revised January 2021

 B. Patrons


    1. Residents of the towns of Hedrick and Martinsburg, as well as other Keokuk County residents, and those of northern Wapello County are eligible for a library card without charge.


    2. Children under the age of 14 must have their registration cards signed by a parent or guardian.


    3. Borrowers with unpaid fines or lost books are considered “not in good standing” and are not eligible to use the service of the library. A probation period is at the librarian’s discretion.


     4. Disruptive or unruly patrons may be asked to leave the premised for a specified period, or they may lose certain library privileges. If the patron is a minor, a parent or guardian will be notified of the disciplinary action.


    5. The library does not encourage unattended young children. Preschool children are expected to be accompanied and supervised by a responsible person. Older unattended children who are disruptive will be dealt with according to the library’s stated policy.


    6. Due to the quiet nature of the library, all cell phone use must be outside of the library.


 C. Confidentiality of RecordsHedrick Public Library’s Board of Trustees and staff affirms that all library circulation records, individual reference requests, and reading interest of patrons are confidential. Information may be released only under the provision of the Code of Iowa.