Hedrick Public Library Bylaws

Policy V


Revised January 2021


  V. Librarian


      A.  The librarian shall be the executive director of the policies adopted by the Board. Among the duties and responsibilities of the librarian:


         1. To select materials with the approval of the Board


         2. To inform the Board continually and completely regarding the finances, public services, physical plant, personnel, collection, and other developments, as well as changes and problems


         3. To maintain and operate the physical plant, including keeping order to shelves and displays, vacuuming the carpet, and other regular dusting and cleaning chores


         4. The librarian’s pay includes pay for one and a half hours for housekeeping.


         5. To attend all meetings of the Board, except:


            A. Those where the professional competence of the librarian and/or the librarian’s salary are to be discussed, in accordance with Chapter 28, A Code of Iowa.


            B. Those held when the librarian is physically unable to attend due to illness or injury.


            C. Occasions when the Board has granted special leave


         6. To post notice of Library Board Meetings in a prominent place


         7. The librarian is required to be certified or will to get certification by acquiring 45 hours of credit by attending Public Library Management classes provided by Southeastern Regional Library Services. Tuition and mileage are provided for in the budget.


         8. Registers borrowers, collects and records fines, keeps circulation numbers, keeps records of library operation, makes contacts on overdue materials.


         9. Catalogs, classifies, and processes all materials.


        10. Makes recommendations on board policies.


        11. Works with the Board on preparation for budget and goals.


        12. Works with Board on ordering materials.


         13. Prepares Annual Report for State Library.


        14. Maintains card catalog.


        15. Keeps bulletin board current and attractive.


        16. Notifies City Hall regarding any repairs or problems with the building.


        17. Attends county and district library meetings.


        18. Qualified to assist public with Internet research.


        19. ILL and SILO transactions and duties thereof.


         20. Shows discretion, respect, and fairness in dealing with the public.


        21. Keeps list of new books and materials purchased and donated


        22. Keeps computer files updated


  23. Will complete an annual evaluation with the board.


      B. The Board of Trustees will hire one paid librarian, with the hours and salary to be set by the Board. A portion of the salary is to be paid by the City of Hedrick, with the remaining to be paid from County Funds, there will be a review of the salary each year.

     C. Leaves of absence apply to the paid librarian, who must retain a substitute, and pay that person $7.25 per hour. If absence is due to continuing education classes, workshops, or other circumstances determined by the Library Board, the substitute's pay will come out of the Library's budget. 

    D. Separation

       1. Retirement - there is no mandatory retirement.


       2. Resignation - notice of at least one month should be given. The Board prefers a two-month notice to allow enough time to find a replacement and to give that replacement time to train, if needed.


        3. Disability - if the Board decides the librarian is mentally or physically incapable of performing the duties, the employee will be given a two month notice of termination.


       4. Dismissal - a dismissal is warranted if the librarian demonstrates incompetence or willful neglect of duty, the inability or unwillingness to represent the Board’s policies, an unfriendly attitude towards the public, or if the City is financially unable to pay.





    1. There shall be eleven scheduled, paid holidays for the librarian, when the library will be closed:

                                              New Year's Day

                          President's Day

                          Memorial Day

                          4th of July

                          Labor Day

                          Columbus Day

                          Veteran's Day

                          Thanksgiving and the day after

                          Christmas eve and Christmas day


    2. All other holidays occurring within the year will be subject to consideration by the Board to determine whether closing the library is indicated.